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We view it as our mission to provide peace of mind to our clients during logistics operations. To do so, we provide a superior service to our customers by taking a holistic approach to our base camp model.


provides turnkey solutions and logistics management for event and base camp facilities. We offer assistance with deployment strategy from the initial planning stages; our team will assist in site selection and the planning phase of developing an emergency preparedness plan. As a need arises our diverse and talented team initiates our rapid deployment protocols to ensure that the best equipment is delivered to site via the safest and most expeditious route. With form and function in mind, our site managers will erect a base camp within 48 hours of a notice to proceed and remain on site to ensure day to day operations run smoothly. We remain steadfast throughout decommissioning and equipment returning to home base.

Assets available for immediate deployment
  • Sleeper Trailers

  • Tenting and Flooring

  • Shower Trailers

  • Mobile Kitchens

  • Laundry Trailers

  • HVAC Units

  • Restroom Trailers

  • Linen Kits

  • Cots

  • Ice Machines

  • Light Towers

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Full Meal Service

  • Generators

  • Site and Equipment Disinfection (Hepa-Air Scrubbers, Hydroxyle Ozone, Bioesque)

We will mobilize, establish, manage, operate, maintain and demobilize equipment services and will provide all management, staffing and operational services required to respond to any event.

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