field notes

Conversations with key personnel that speak to Beachview's position in the industry.

Q & A with the team
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Mallory Mason
Site Administrator

Q: What led you to join the disaster relief business?

A: Compassion for those in need of guidance & resources due to circumstances out of their control. Being from an area where the devastation of a hurricane is unfortunately familiar territory, I knew I wanted to be a part of this team.

Q: What added value does Beachview Logistics bring to a project?

A:  A force of teamwork and knowledge that is unparalleled.

Q: What is something that would surprise those not familiar with this industry?

A: There is not a standard checklist or set of needs for deployment. Each situation is unique & it is important to research & prepare in advance.

Amie Barnard
Site Manager

Q: You were responsible for a 750 person camp in response to Hurricane Michael. What should clients know about the service we provide for a project of this size?

A: I am most proud of Beachview’s ability to build a safe, efficient and comfortable base camp in an extremely short period of time. 24 hours after Hurricane Michael had passed, our camp was fully operational with a hot dinner, light towers, beds that were made, showers with clean towels, stocked restrooms and welcoming guidance for all residents. We actually fed closer to 2000 lineman, damage assessors and tree cutters on our first night!

Q: What sets Beachview apart from other companies?

A: Our equipment and logistics capabilities are excellent, but I believe our personal approach, mixed with quick results, is what truly sets up apart. We really listen to our clients’ needs while onsite and work tirelessly to quickly pivot to make essential changes. Importantly, our catering partners are the best in the business, and everyone knows that food is a very high priority on a base camp.

Q: Would you rather be on site for disaster related work or a social event?

A: I don’t think I’m alone in preferring disaster work. As soon as the storm is impending, we are already putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Logistics is a large part of our event world, but is vitally important during a disaster and is an inspiring challenge for me. And then there is the biggest reason: it always feels amazing to help in a community that is struggling. I was lucky to spend 4 months in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and that experience changed my life for the better.

Beth Ann Johnston
Site Administrator

Q: You were deployed to Puerto Rico in response to Hurricane Maria, tell us what your biggest takeaway was from this project.

A: When you collectively come together as a team you can make anything happen. Everyone had an important role in that mission and brought their individual strengths. It was an incredible and rewarding experience.

Q: If you had to describe Beachview in one word, what would it be?

A: Challenging.

Q: Working from HQ during a deployment is chaotic. What makes Beachview successful?

A: I believe our ability to initiate rapid deployment of our extensive inventory, coupled with our diverse, talented team is what sets Beachview apart and makes us successful.